April 17th 2012

Superstudio 2012

Then, the sky is rent by a silvery blade which, in a flash, slashes the curve of the sea. And disappears. A portent of day, to which the forces of the night seem to have no intention of yielding. Dark clouds, tatters of darkness smeared with gray and white, press against the sky, which becomes even blacker, permitting only the closest stars to shine on. Many have fallen silent, drawn down into infinity.
Gianni Farinetti, L’isola che brucia (The Burning Island)


The total black space illuminated by the visionary poetry of Melogranoblu evokes the elusive multiplicity of light; the event was hosted in the Temporary Museum for New Design during the 2012 International Salon in Milan.



Different intensities and sensorial contrasts reveal the poetic and visionary, harmonious and discordant movement created by light and glass. A constant flow of soft immaterial light shines from two sculptural shapes - a lightweight slither of white brushed glass and a long rod. Hundreds of components of shiny glass combine to create Hydra, a piece that interprets the intermittent dialogue of light and dark, illumination and shadows, atmosphere and magic, in an expressive contamination of art, architecture and design.
The interpretation is ambiguous, the position is uncertain, there is no key for decoding. Thanks to the complexity of the interactions and the sensory stimuli, lights and images float in the mental and physical space, creating associations, perceptions, volatile references for the dream and the imagination.



Light interacts with the observers in an intense relationship, with surprises, silence, suggestions, synonyms…
The idea conceived by Massimo Crema and Ermanno Rocchi is an experience that touches the senses. Muted music and suave aromas discretely unveil the magical qualities of Hydra.



This creation was devised for the Temporary Museum for New Design 2012 in Superstudiopiù; however it can be produced in series with exactly the same features, thanks to the artisan skills, expertise and versatility that forms the foundations of Melogranoblu’s production know-how.



The fittings of the Perfume collection shed light on the reception desk; the stark scenographic effect has been created with Led technology used to exalt the purity of the glass shapes.



Concept Massimo Crema & Ermanno Rocchi
Music composed by Andrea Tinelli
Sound and light Marco Rota, Marco Del Sant




November 14th 2017

Downtown Design

October 10th 2017

Modern Masters Exhibit

September 25th 2017

Cersaie 2017