April 5th 2013

Superstudio 2013

A real magic room is lighting up from Melogranoblu’s visionary poetry.

Illuminate obscurity, colour and sensorial contrast effects reveal movement, poetic and visionary, harmonic or dissonant from light and glass.

Hundreds of bright glasses that compose "maelstrom", a continuous whirl of light and dark, drag the visitor in a magical, in an expressive contamination between art, architecture and design.

The museum “site-specific” is, surprisingly, a real handmade product, that can be copied with the same performances thanks to the handmade quality and the flexibility that, from the beginning, represent the fundamentals of Melogranoblu’s know how.



November 14th 2017

Downtown Design

October 10th 2017

Modern Masters Exhibit

September 25th 2017

Cersaie 2017