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audemars piguet replica watches is pleased to welcome the Goat, eighth sign in the Chinese zodiac's 12-year animal cycle. The goat is a reliable, calm, and intelligent creature that symbolizes harmony and peace. This animal prefers to be independent and seeks out the peace of observation and introspection.

audemars piguet replica watches honors this remarkable creature with the new Classico Goat watch. It continues the extraordinary tradition of champleve enamel creation.

The Swiss watchmaker is the only one dedicated to this centuries-old,replica audemars piguet watches rare craft. This lifelike representation of the goat was created using the complex champleve method. This rare art involves carving cells directly onto the watch dial with a chisel and then filling them with enamel. Colors are created from various metallic oxides. The piece is then fired until the enamel melts. Master craftsmen can create a beautiful and realistic scene.

The new limited-edition watch features a beautiful dial that depicts a baby goat and two children. They are set against a bright blue background, and surrounded with delicate golden plants.

The self-winding UN-815 mechanism is the heartbeat of the audemars piguet replica watches watch. It comes with Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres ( COSC ) certification.Cartier Roadster Replica It can store enough energy for the watch to run for at least 42 hours once it is fully wound. The mechanism is also sealed against water pressure of up to 50 meters (about 160 feet). Through the back of the exhibition sapphire case, you can see the impeccable movement.

Only 88 audemars piguet replica watches Classico Goats are produced. Each timepiece comes in a beautiful, elegant, rose-gold 18-karat case measuring 40mm in diameter. The reference number for the new Classico Goat model 8156-111-2/CHEVRE.

Manufacturers are presenting special edition models to welcome the Chinese Year of the Goat as the lunar year of the goat approaches (it starts on February 19, 2015). Chopard and Jaquet Droz are just a few of the many models.